SPD, a panel of 23 districts selected to provide nationally-representative data on demographic and health indicators. SPD has two arms, Sample Vital registration with Verbal autopsY (SAVVY) and Facility-Based Information System (FBIS).

SAVVY is a sample demographic surveillance system that provides nationally representative estimates of mortalities based on age, sex, residence and zone. SAVVY is most useful in low- and middle-income countries where vital events monitoring system is inadequate or unavailable. SAVVY covers about 2% of Tanzania Mainland population. SAVVY system is also capable of generating supplemental information from periodic surveys nested within the system.

FBIS, is a system for collecting routine national health management information data. FBIS collects data monthly through district health information system (DHIS), same as government-led and routine Health Management of Information System (HMIS). However, FBIS has value-added components of quality control and improved data completeness. FBIS covers all health facilities in SPD districts including both public and private, with about 35% coverage in Mainland Tanzania

SPD provides economical and a high quality platform for monitoring and evaluation, with an opportunity for fundamental and operational research, including health systems intervention and evaluation.


Data Resource Profile:
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