SAVVY (Defn)

SAmple Vital events Registration with Verbal autopsy (SAVVY) research project is a demographic surveillance system within Sentinel Panel of District (SPD) platform that collects and analyzes health community-based information data with intent to determine community birth trends and cause-specific mortality fractions in a population that has no complete or incomplete vital registration system. SAVVY provides nationally representative estimates of mortalities based on age, sex, residence and zone, and it covers about 2% of Tanzania mainland population.The cause-specific mortality fraction is determined based on verbal autopsy interviews with next of kin or other caregivers.

Basic Characteristics

Figure (L): SAVVY population pyramid. Distribution of populaiton by sex and age groups in percentage.

Figure (R): SAVVY death counts distribution in percentage by age and sex. Deaths of childer under the age of one are the most deaths compared to other deaths in the SAVVY propulation.

Population Distribution

RegionDistrictWardEnumeration AreasHouseholdsPopulation Baseline Dates
ArushaArusha Municipal 07 65549618965Feb/Mar 2014
Dar es SalaamKinondoni 052051053741101Jun/Jul 2011
Dar es SalaamTemeke 04 88513817690May/Jul 2013
Dar es SalaamIlala 03 85635421179May/Jul 2013
Dodoma Kondoa 19 901115649702Jan/Mar 2013
Iringa Iringa Urban 10 26302811537Mar/May 2012
Kagera Muleba 08 43847338082Apr/Jun 2012
Kigoma Kasulu 11 39674135352Apr/May 2013
Kilimanjaro Moshi Rural 07 35540119991Feb/Mar 2014
Lindi Ruangwa 11 63752723760Oct/Nov 2012
Manjara Babati 09 50624128989Jan/Mar 2013
Mara Musoma Rural 09 39674934678Apr/Jun 2012
Mbeya Mbozi 11 33698026663Mar/May 2012
Morogoro Kilosa 17 107999840308Oct/Dec 2012
Mtwara Mtwara Urban 10 59583620312Oct/Nov 2012
Mwanza Geita 10 50476527402Jun/Aug 2011
Pwani Bagamoyo 12 70972739667Jun/Jul 2011
Rukwa Sumbawanga Rural1068571325220Apr/May 2012
Ruvuma Songea Urban 10 57438217180Apr/May 2012
Shinyanga Kahama 09 76847741945Mar/Jun 2011
Singida Singida Rural 14 47646327070Jan/Mar 2013
Tabora Uyui 08 36561829338Apr/May 2013
Tanga Tanga urban 08 49411115280Feb/Mar 2014
Total 2221502154911651411 

Data Files

Data files are currently not available to public until first round of data profile structure is published. Please email your specific inquiries to
household.csvThis file contains household location details along with the number of occupants. The following columns are included (HouseholdNo, VisitDate,Enumeration Area details, ward details, district details and region details. Total number of records is 154610)cvs14.9MB
members.csvThis file contains individual records (644382 records) of all members collected from the baseline census. The following columns are included, (memberid,householdno,gender,date of birth, number of children (if female), highest education and employment status)cvs56.6MB
coding.csvThis file contains ICD 10 coding results of the verbal autopsies conducted in the SAVVY districts. This file is incrimental, new data is appended to the file as it becomes completed and available to share.csv10MB
id_codes.csvThis file contains mapping of IDs, Codes and Names of primary parameters used in this study. csv131KB


Data Resource Profile: The Sentinel Panel of Districts (SPD) - Tanzania's national platform for health impact eveluation, International Jornal of Epidemiology, 2014. Working Manuscript.

Additional Details

This section is currently not available to public. Please email your enquiries to
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